Yabe Oxybender

Download: https://github.com/orgrosua/yabe-oxybender-release/archive/refs/heads/main.zip

Yabe Oxybender is a plugin that enhances the Oxygen editor with functionalities not available in the core plugin to make your workflow more efficient.


Yabe Oxybender is packed full of modules designed to streamline your workflow.

✅ Plain classes

Add the ability to write plain CSS classes to Oxygen elements without adding the class to the Global Class database.

– Auto-complete: Intelligent suggestions for Tailwind CSS class names.
– Hover Class Name: Hover the Class Name to preview the generated CSS code.
– Automatic Class Sorting: Sort the classes based on the Tailwind CSS official recommendation.
– Quick class preview: Preview CSS classes in the Bricks editor by hovering/navigating without adding.

🚧 HTML to Oxygen element (Planned)

Convert HTML to Oxygen elements. Easily convert Tailwind CSS components to Oxygen elements.



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